Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Situation We Are In

Today was the first day, "back to business" in Peru after Christmas.  Our attorneys were hard at work first thing this morning.  The situation is this...We are waiting on an ID (like a driver's license) for the oldest of the 5 kids.  We have to have this to get his passport.  Tomorrow, we are going to the US Embassy to do as much as we can with the 4 kids passports.  During that time, we are hoping the ID office will hand over the ID that we need so that we can get the final passport.  THEN, we could finish up with the US Embassy and say 'Peace Out!'.

Our tickets, that we had to change last week, are for Friday morning at 1AM (it will feel like Thursday night).  Delta has already graciously moved them once at no change fee and has been fabulous to us.  We would LOVE to not have to change them again.  For many reasons: we want to be home, every day we are here costs us more $, we are weary and I could go on.  I thought I would share the logistics so that ya'll could be praying with us!

While we wait, we eat things like this (raw things like octopus): 

And play skipbo.  We're really doing okay.  Just homesick. :)  Thanks for praying with us! 

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  1. Lauren and family,
    Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers! We want you all home!! Thanks for keeping us updated. What a story you have to share!!
    Love you guys,
    Bill and Kyle