Friday, July 20, 2012

Take 2

Sorry it's been a little bit since the last update. Just nothing significant to report.  Since then, we've revisited with the psychologist, the social worker and our agency numerous times!  Crazy process and a new stack of paperwork has been sent to Alabama before being sent on to Peru. Whew!

Which brings us to today.  We were expecting our new paperwork to arrive in Peru today but unexpectedly, it arrived a few days ago and is already in translation!  Gotta celebrate the small stuff.  Not very often has something happened sooner than expected so I'm excited! Plus, it's hard to continue to see clearly, the positives, when it seems like things should have been different.  In my plan and my time that is.

Instead, we are trusting in God's plan and God's time.  I am asking God, who is the only One capable of changing the hearts of men, to break into the heart's of Peru's leadership and change their hearts to a unanimous YES in favor of us!  I am asking God to hold our kids, His kids, and help them to continue to hope and be patient.

I just read Kisses from Katie and I almost believe that God is closer and more real to the orphan than He is to us anyway.  I mean, they're His kids.  He hasn't abandoned them.  He still has a plan and purpose for them and it's better than mine.  So I know He's holding my 5, just like a Mama holds her babies to keep them safe.  And we will keep standing.  When we got bad news last month, Scott kept thinking about the verses in Ephesians 6 (about the armor of God) where is says:

...and we've you've done everything to stand. Stand firm, then...

And that's all we can do.  keep standing firm, knowing what He called us to and trusting that He is still in His seat and still has a plan.