Sunday, December 28, 2014

This kid

This kid.  This kid wrecks me.  This kid turned 17 this week.  17.  And I could kiss him like he's 4!  But I refrain.  Cause he's 17.  This kid makes me cry more than anyone on the planet.  He's not mean. :)  His story makes me cry.  I sat at a wrestling match a month ago and thought "Moms can't cry in wrestling.  If there's no crying in baseball, there's really no crying in wrestling!"  Self talk.  I wanted to cry because to think, this is my kid who I had to help walk 2 years ago.  I had to pep talk the night before his sophomore year because the walking was going to kill him.  I drove to physical therapy 3 days a week.  Which by the way I wouldn't trade for anything.  Because it showed him I loved him. And I would fight for him.  But that kid was wrestling!  And he's good at it!  Because that kid is healed.  So I fight back the tears.
Just like the day he came home from JV soccer tryouts in August.  And he had to run 2 miles.  My kid who had never played organized soccer before because he physically couldn't.  Was trying out and running 2 miles.  He sat in my van and told me how he did it.  He would see a guy a few people ahead of him and say 'Okay, I've got to get ahead of him'.  And he would so then he'd pick a new guy. He didn't win. But he wasn't last either.  And it doesn't matter.  THAT is perseverance.  THAT is motivation.  THAT is long suffering.  This kid kicks my rear.  He is the epitome of a fighter.  And I am so lucky I get to be his mom!