Monday, December 3, 2012

Doing life together

Since we arrived to our latest destination, we've had a lot more time on our hands and not as much paperwork to sign.  We visited a botanical garden of sorts that is similar to Powell Gardens, though not nearly as big.  I just don't have anything else to compare it to.  That's where the picture of the peacock are from.  Really pretty place and good place to get outside.  Which after some time in 2 hotel rooms is going to be very needed!  Teenagers are content to sit and play video games sometimes but I am not!  The walls will close in!
We've done quite a bit of shopping the last few days as well.  There are basic needs to get us through our time here that were needed. And the weather is strange here so we really needed jeans and shorts for everyone.  The first evening of shopping, we focused on the girls to begin with.  Which is fun and a little easier we found.  While the girls were shopping, the boys found a balloon at the mall.  Endless entertainment for them and Laney!  Laney had them running all over the place, chasing the balloon, about knocking people over!  They were laughing hysterically and having so much fun!!  I wish I could convey how much fun it is to watch boys laughing so hard playing with a 2 year old they met days ago!  I feel so fortunate for how things are going interpersonally, I'm almost afraid to type it, like I might jinx it.  Pure joy!
Shopping with this many people is quite a chore!  We wear out fast!  So when I asked the boys who were waiting in line for the dressing room if they'd rather come back the next day, they jumped on it!  Another night back at the hotel to mellow out.
Day 2 of the shopping extravaganza was easier and we got everybody taken care of.  We also realized something we take for granted.  When I watched the kids get on the escalator and freeze...I realized they hadn't been on one before!  Hilarious!  We had to demonstrate how to get on and off!  I can't wait to see what else they get introduced to for the first time!  I mean the good things!  We'd love to protect their innocence and not ruin them by America as well!
Last night, we ate peanut butter and jelly and played cards.  We went through an extra large loaf of bread in about 10 minutes.  And I didn't even eat!  Had I had enough bread, they each would have eaten 2 sandwiches but settled for 1.5.  I am grateful for their appetites; as they ate and laughed you could see the peace.  They are comfortable.  And Scott was having a great time watching them compete with each other, try to cheat, etc.  Because he's a competitive cheater too. :) 'Tramposo' they call it.
This morning we had a few errands to run but it took us to a plaza area for good pictures and a little shopping.  Any pictures you see where the boys are walking arm in arm or someone is hanging on someone else...not posed.  These are the most affectionate, loving kids on the planet!  And they welcome Laney in and are fabulous with her!  Often, you will hear them ask where she is like Scott and I do, knowing that we have to keep our eyes on her.  The boys are constantly offering to carry bags or carry Laney; they are a mother's dream come true.  Truly.
Tonight we ordered dinner in.  We're not in a terrible part of town or anything but it isn't wise for gringos to be wandering around at night with all these kids.  So we are eating like they think Americans eat all the time--pizza and Coke! :(  I fast from dinner just about every other night :)
But as we were finishing dinner, we asked the kids what their favorite part of the last week has been.  Any favorite moment.  Here are the 5 answers: 1 answered Scott laughing so hard last night while they played cards.  A kind of laugh you can't help but join.  1 said walking at the botanical park.  Another said playing cards last night.  And 2 said when we arrived!  Sweetest conversation!  We laughed hard tonight about the sleeping arrangements.  About who talks in their sleep.  About Laney falling out of bed or taking up the ENTIRE bed to herself!  Just funny, family around a dinner table, talk.  We are only missing Logan!
As I type, 4 kids are on a twin bed watching a movie.  1 is playing a video game and 1 is out cold asleep!  And we're in a 12 X 14 space.  Our house will feel like a mansion!  Things are going great!  Now if we could just fast forward home!


  1. I love to hear about your family time and how it has seemed so comfortable! So good!

  2. I am so happy for you and Scott. Your pictures and your blogs truly show what a blessing these kids are to you ... and you are to them!

  3. I am so thankful for the technology that allows us to see your beautiful family and keep up with you through this! THANK YOU for sharing with us.

  4. Oh man! I am missing you guys!! Love reading all of this but cannot wait to meet them and hug you Praying for a fast forward through the week of sorts, but that not a single moment is missed either. :-) Love you!!!!

  5. we're loving the pictures and the post. thanks for keeping us updated. We're excited for you!