Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Futbol y el cine

The last few days have had no agenda.  So we knew that could make for long days if we weren't careful.  There is a little park in walking distance from us so we have made a point to use it often!  It's not like parks we have.  We are in a busy area with buildings squashed side by side and cars flying by day and night.  Oh, and don't forget, the guy riding a bike with a megaphone announcing his fruits or tv's to sell.  Interesting.  So the park is a gated futbol/basketball court with soccer goals and a small area with a slide and swings.  It's a great way to use up everyone's energy for 8 soles ($).  Yesterday was the first day I experienced Scott's great futbol skills!  He kept up pretty well, though the boys are pretty good!  We found a good grocery store that's close so that we can keep enough peanut butter and jelly around and got some extra things.  So for lunch, some of the kids tried lunchmeat and cheese on a sandwich for the first time.  Of course, we add aji sauce to everything.  It's like putting mustard on a sandwich so it's not that weird.  But we eat aji with everything!!  Chicken.  French fries.  Salad.  I've already looked on Amazon to make sure I can get some at home.  I'm actually kind of addicted myself.
We spent a little bit of time that day working on English as well.  Our attorneys encouraged us to use some of our free time wisely.  I was hesitant because it's hard to put down the hammer at this point.  It's the honeymoon phase, ya know.  But I got out some worksheets, a book to read, and some flashcards and gave it a try.  They were gems!!  They flew through the worksheets, proud of showing off what they know in English.  And then they did a competition on the flash cards--math in English, telling time.  Anything with a winner is fun with this group!  And I had fun too!  They are eager to learn and eager to get back home.  It makes me even more excited too!  We obviously still have some work to do.  At some point yesterday, the oldest was watching his sister's choice of a movie and he said, "I am boring".  He meant I am bored but we will work on that. :)
Today, we were all slow to get up!  We are spoiling them.  I found out today that they're used to getting up at 5:30-6 am every day.  I had no idea!  We headed to the park again to play.  I told them they had to speak English the whole way there and while they played.  That didn't work so well; they just didn't talk as much :)  They do a great job understanding us.  They understand most everything Scott says and he is barely speaking basic Spanish at this point.
Our big event today was to go to the mall and see a movie!!  Amanecer parte dos.  Breaking Dawn part 2.  Some of the kids have never been to a movie theatre at all!  And most have not been more than twice.  We ate there at the mall and shopped around.  While they are troopers at the mall, I do not plan to shop with 6 kids just for fun in the future!  Making sure you don't lose someone is a chore. :)
B was so excited about the movie she jumped up and down when she realized we were going today!  I had told her this morning but she admitted "I not listen".  At least she's honest!  They LOVED the movie!  I on the other hand struggled.  I was told it would be in English with Spanish subtitles; that's how the kids had seen the other 4 movies.  But not today.  They talked and giggled and guessed what was going to happen.  B clapped at the end!  How fun to be a part of that first!!
Sidenote: cabs are a funny thing here.  I ride with the boys and Scott rides with the girls.  So that I have a fairly old Peruvian male with me.  But today, I got charged 2 soles more than Scott for the same trip by the same company!!! When I realized what happened, I was peeved!  I joked about talking back, shaking my fist.  G asked me what 'tranquilo' means in English....he was telling me to tone it down!!!  I laughed!  I guess, here, I have to let people take advantage.  I'm not a fan of that!  The boys made sure we only paid 5 soles on the way home.
These kids make us laugh every day!  They are funny and happy and silly!  This morning, things started slow and no one was anxious to listen....but it is redeemed as the day goes and they are sweet to Laney and each other.  I am crazy about them!  I find myself staring at them in disbelief that we're here in this phase.  I am SO anxious to get them home!  But for now, we will enjoy the park and having nowhere to be.
*Sorry the posts are long.  I write them for the people who want to know what we're up to.  If you don't want the play by play, just look at pictures. :)


  1. Love the posts- thanks for sharing :).

  2. Don't be sorry for the post length. I LOVE reading them. So fun to feel your excitement and joy.

  3. I LOVE reading your posts and seeing little glimpses of your journey. Thank You for sharing.

    PS I miss seeing you at Gateway. I can't wait to see you there with your whole family!

  4. Love hearing all about your days with every detail! You are doing so good at making the most of all of your time! By the way, some of the kids at the after-school program still say things like, "I am boring", even after being here for 1 1/2 years! Looking forward to your homecoming and praying for you while you are gone!