Friday, March 1, 2013

Many Questions

We have gotten some incredible opportunities.  Radio stations, tv, and the like have asked us great questions about how we got to our kids, etc.  We have so enjoyed the cool things God has done!  In the midst of our 15 minutes of fame, a lot of questions came out that didn't get asked directly to us.  Comments to news articles.  Questions to other people but not to us.  And some of them are just highly unintelligent.  So I don't want to address those.  None of you have hateful questions like that, I'm sure.  But I thought I should open up the discussion to some questions that are important.  If you are out there and have questions that are keeping you from being obedient to God in some way.  Or even just slowing the process of obedience up.  Let's have a comment discussion board about it.  I'll even give you some question suggestions and if one of your questions is listed here, I'll address it.  If you have others, I'll do my best to answer those too.  Any help from the seasoned adoptive community are welcome! 

How did we know we were doing the right thing when the door kept getting closed at the beginning?

How do we feel our decision to adopt affects our biological kids?  
Did we discuss it with them?
Is it fair to them?

How do you pay for an international adoption?

Why did we adopt internationally when there are so many kids locally that want/need families?

And any others that might help you...even if it isn't necessarily adoption related.  
Ours is a story of faith and listening to God in a big way.  And really about Him talking to us and allowing us to be a part of a bigger story than we could have written for ourselves.  What God is asking you may be different.  I want to help you find out what that is if I can. 


  1. um yes I would like your answers to all those questions :)

    1. Answers coming soon! :) If you want to know something specific, you're welcome to email me at too

  2. So often I want to answers these questions with "because that is what God called us to do." But I know that doesn't make as much sense if you haven't been through the process. I have pretty lengthy answers for a lot of these but I wanted to weigh in on that first question. You keep moving forward because you know those children need a family, they deserve a chance to be kids and to feel loved and valued. And God does not close the doors, it is most often bureaucracy, evil and ignorance that closes them. God gives you a heart for a child but that doesn't mean everything along the way will be easy, but it is all worth it!!

  3. I just found your blog. Awesome stuff! I grew up in KC and now my wife and I live in Lima (over the mountain in La Molina) and so wish I'd found your site earlier...we would've had you over for some Skipbo tourneys. Thanks for the encouraging blog. I'm back and forth to KC 2-3 times a year, so if you need any more aji...just let me know and I'm happy to bring you some back. Tell your beautiful kids hola de Peru. Disfrutan la nieve!

    1. Hi! I love talking with people who understand where our kids came from. And anyone who offers aji understands!! I can't seem to find a way to order it so if you're serious, let me know when you're going to be here next and we can figure something out. They miss it and it's a little piece of their home. :)

  4. Hello. My name is Alejandra Puente, I´m a Peruvian Reporter, i work for channel 9 ATV. A special reports program called DIA D (here is the link I heard about your amazing story and what you and your husband did for these five peruvian children and we are so glad people like you can take on a challenge like this for peruvian children. There is a big issue in Perú with the fact of adopting children of a grown age, or even siblings together, and we would so love to get the oportunity to visit you and interview your family with the hope of maybe changing some hearts in our country about adoption.

    This is my e-mail, or I would love it if you could get it contac with us to chat about the posibility.

    Congratulations on your new family!


    Alejandra Puente