Friday, May 11, 2012

Silence is Golden

Well not really in international adoption.  But we've been hearing a lot of it lately.  We didn't know if our paperwork looked good or if it was going to require changes.  We didn't know if our dossier was on the  desk being looked at or not.  Scott and I kind of teeter totter, who is impatient and who has learned to just wait.  It's a good thing we take turns being impatient or something ugly might happen! :)
Fortunately, we have a handful of folks, both in the U.S. and in Peru that are equally as impatient as we are and help push things a bit.  We have a friend that calls it Operation Adopt Rojas Reyes.  OARR is in full force!

Fortunately, it sounds like we are at least being discussed in Peru.  There is an attorney in Peru that tries to fight on behalf of the kids which keeps our case in the forefront of their minds as well.
What I would ask is that the prayer warriors out there would pray--
For any barriers to be broken down.
For the best interest of the kids to be always the priority.
And for the kids.  That they would not lose heart.

All is well from what we can tell!  Plenty of distractions from the waiting going on in our household--Logan graduating, Laney into everything, Scott working his tail off!  Never a dull moment.  Thanks for your prayers and continued support!

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