Friday, April 27, 2012

Happier Thoughts

2 posts in the same day...I know, it's crazy!  On a more uplifting note than my last post, I'm happy to report that I received a DVD of La Cenicienta in the mail today.  The Spanish version of Cinderella, although Cinderella is still white for some reason.  Anyway, this is happy news because....well, I ordered E.T. in Spanish as well.  But I was shocked when I received a huge box called a VHS!  What was I thinking!?  We don't own a VCR anymore, nor do I know anyone who does.  Logan probably hasn't ever seen one!  Well maybe that's a little far, but still.  Pretty funny!
Also, tomorrow is the fundraiser that Jes Horton wanted to do for us.  We are humbled and so appreciative by all the people who are lugging their kids and/or spouses to that tomorrow to support us.  We feel loved, encouraged, and supported!

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