Monday, May 21, 2012

Well we survived

The grad party and Senior Sunday day that is!   I made it all day yesterday without being sappy.  Self preservation I guess. But I just got my camera out and got kind of messed up!  I looked at the senior girls that made up a "panel" at our Senior Sunday church service yesterday...almost all of them, I've known since they were at least 6th grade!  Some of them just as silly as ever! They are so talented!  And have taught me so much over the years!  When I first came home from college, I had NO DESIRE to spend time with middle school girls.  I could write it off as "not my gift".  But I very clearly remember God telling me they were mine to spend time with.  And I walked up to Scott Sterling (who I was working in youth ministry with at the time) and quietly whispered that God told me to hang out with those girls.  Little did I know what a treat it was for me!  They made me laugh hard, be uninhibited, teach boldly and laugh some more.  I am so proud (not in a parental sort of way) of who they are and what they have done.  Many have consistently mentored middle schools girls.  Some are wanting to go into missions.  Others are following God to make a difference in the business world.  ALL are capable of doing amazing things if they continue following this amazing God wherever He leads.  And I believe they will.

THEN in 2008, one of them became my daughter!  How crazy lucky am I!?  We had her grad party yesterday afternoon which was lots of fun!  I think Logan felt special and loved which is what the day was all about!  Both she and I couldn't wait to get our shoes off; who knew such a party could wear a person out!  Because of the craziness going on with graduation stuff, she was home 2 nights in a row to eat with us (which is actually not a common thing around here) and it's been fabulous!  I hope this summer brings many more nights of grilling with all of us home!
As for adoption news, please be praying that we are on the May consejo at the end of the month.  When I find out that the list is coming, I will post it so that we can all be praying specifically.  The Peruvian 5 are doing well!  We've gotten to chat and Skype a little bit again which is so nice!!  I'd love to be able to tell them we got the official, "They're ours! ".

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