Monday, April 2, 2012

Wish I knew more...

... but I don't.  As of last week, our dossier was in the hands of the SNA (the governing body who handles women's and children's affairs in Peru) and we should be being looked at.  For those of you not as familiar with international adoption, the dossier is about 4 inches of paper that tells your life story: our pasts, our home study, our kids, our mild psychotic illnesses (just kidding).  Anything you can think of that might be valuable to know before allowing us to adopt children.  And a whole bunch of stuff that maybe doesn't matter.  BUT, it is our lifeline to being approved for these 5 kids!

And so we wait.  We wait for a handful of people to each read our life story.  And we wait for the call that they are ours!  Last week, I had one change to a letter that I wrote that got overnighted and arrived in Alabama where our agency is on Friday.  So far, it's the only requested change to our dossier.

Our prayers are that there are no major changes required and that they will approve us quickly!  I would also ask that you would pray for the kids.  They know enough about the process to ask how los papeles (the papers) are coming along.  And so they are waiting too.  I pray often that God would give them peace and the faith to trust that He knows what He's doing.  Yhonson reminded me last week that God is in control.  So I KNOW the Lord is holding them in His hands. :)

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  1. The song "He's got the whole world in His hands" comforted me when I had to leave the children at the orphange in Guatemala after serving on a mission trip there in 2008.