Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well, it feels like we've been back a month and it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet!  We are doing extremely well.  We had a Christmas extravaganza as soon as we got back, introducing the kids to the clan of Sterlings that now totals 26 and the smaller group of Malones.  The kids were overwhelmed by piles of gifts which they have never experienced before.  But they smiled and goofed around with cousins and handled things very well!  We spent the following week sleeping in, meeting friends, playing in the snow, and eating meals together.  It was truly fabulous.  Christmas vacation at it's best.  Logan and her boyfriend choose to be around more than we would ever expect and the kids adore them!  Pearce just trash talks his way to their hearts.  And the girls have loved Logan from the very moment they saw her!  God has been very good weaving this family together.
Meanwhile,  in a crazy, only-written-by-God story, we have a buyer for our house and are buying another.  NEITHER house is on the market!  So nothing like introducing kids to the U.S. and then moving!  Fortunately, we are starting school where the new house is so that we don't have to switch schools.  Lots of change happening in our household.  The kids are sweet and really love our cramped house we are in right now.  When we explained the new house and the whole buying/selling situation, their biggest concerns were about whether or not the TV's go too.  Oh, and if we get to take the carpet.  Conversations you didn't expect to have: that carpet is stapled down and that we can get new in the new place.  Funny!
Vacation is about to end and a new school routine is beginning.  We are spending this week getting enrolled and assessed for school.  School supplies and many frustrations are to follow, I think. We've been told to give the kids a couple weeks.  And after visiting all of the buildings, I can see how it will be chaotic and frustrating to the kiddos!  Lots of English, lots of new faces, and many new expectations.  They are smart and have great attitudes so I know they will do well!  Not to mention the many fabulous principals and teachers from church or from the past that have helped tremendously!  Just gotta ride the bumps out in the beginning.  Prayers appreciated! :)
I will keep posting as we walk this new journey.  Maybe some for myself.  But more than anything, I want it to be known that when God asks things that seem too big or too uncommon, that HE makes things possible.  It may not be Peru and it probably isn't 5 kids, but God has BIG plans for you too.  And if my ramblings help you say Yes, then ramble more I will! :)  A Ginny Owens song that I LOVE (and sang often in Peru) says "He never said it would be easy, He only said I'd never go alone".  He has been so good to us and blesses us continually.  


  1. Onlyby chance did I get to read about you; amazing story; am Hispanic andI live in Houston.
    Keep believing in God; I love to see people that have great Faith, the one I don't have now after coming back from Iraq. Again, beautiful story. Juan Manuel Lopez, Houston,

  2. So very encouraging to read about where God has led you on this beautiful journey! God bless you!