Saturday, November 24, 2012


Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!!  We are finally leaving!

We came down to my grandparents for late Thanksgiving Friday afternoon, a tad frustrated that we still didn't know much about leaving for Peru.  We've been waiting the past couple of weeks for the last piece of paper before we travel called the Article 5.  We got an email Wednesday night about 9PM saying the Article 5 had finally been issued.
But it wasn't until Saturday that we made the decision... We are flying out for Peru Monday afternoon!  It's FINALLY happening!! 

I will keep this updated so that folks at home can follow when we arrive, when we meet the kids etc.
Please please continue praying for the kids, the transition, etc.  And that the process goes smoothly.  We would LOVE to be home by Christmas!!

Talk to you soon with more info!

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  1. Ohhhhh, I'm so excited for your wonderful news!!