Wednesday, September 12, 2012

God Worked While We Stood

In the last post, I told you about having to start some pieces of the process over.  Our psychologist and social worker were both rockstars and wrote new reports that were fabulous!  Friends and family wrote amazing letters on our behalf and we felt confident.  Once our new docs were translated and in the hands of the SNA, there was nothing we could do but wait.  And that's what we did.
Meanwhile though, things were happening in Peru.  We had previously been told that our 5 kids in Peru would not be interviewed until the very end if absolutely needed.  Well without our foreknowledge, all 5 got interviewed by a kind social worker that was working on our behalf.  They wrote letters requesting to be adopted specifically by us and spoke of wanting to come live with us.  This is good for so many reasons, but it was pretty cool to know this happened in a way that I couldn't worry about ahead of time.  It happened in the purest form--the kids not knowing it was coming and us not knowing it was happening.
Our friend Kevin was in Peru during this time as well, when normally he would have been working in the States.  There was NO coincidence that he was there at this exact time and he was able to provide additional resources to the SNA including conversations we've had on Skype or Facebook with the kids.
Each time I heard of a social worker, someone in the orphanage, or a friend fighting on our behalf, I was so humbled.  There was not a thing left that Scott and I could do.  But God provided others to fill in each gap as it was needed and He worked while we waited.
It's so interesting to me that there is a word in Spanish, esperar, that can mean both 'to hope' or 'to wait'. I had never thought of these words being synonymous in the English language before.  But as we waited on God to work and do His thing in Peru, it was also hopeful.   I was hoping in the Lord (like Isaiah 40:31 says) which was also waiting.  Maybe something you smarter folks had thought of before, but not me until it was real life!
As a result of everyone's hard work, the SNA showed favor on us!  While we are not officially assigned to the kids yet, we will be soon (as promised) and there will be a big, exciting blog post (in lieu of an electronic cartwheel) that you will all see when that happens!
Thank you if you are some that have continually prayed for us.  Thank you for being excited with us and sad with us.  There is MORE of all of that to come, I'm sure.  But I have to remember to continue to wait/hope, no matter what the issue is.  How quickly I forget that, time and time again, God has showed Himself to me in powerful ways!  I am asking that He continue to stay close to me and my family and speak in a way that we can follow right behind!

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